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Indiana Electrical Sales

Indiana Electrical Sales is a supplier of lenses, louvers, reflectors, globes, industrial dimming products and theatrical dimming systems, located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

On our site you'll find lots of information about the products we carry. We hope you will contact us with any questions.

In business since 1948, Indiana Electrical Sales has been owned and operated by the same family the entire time. More information is available on our "About Us" page.

We've put lots of product information up on this site, so check out the site index, or browse our products by category.

A flat sheet of plastic without holes that goes in the frame between your florescent lamp and the room below. A wraparound lens has sides that turn up to cover the sides of the fixture in addition to the bottom.

A flat piece of plastic or aluminum composed of holes or cells. Louvers also go in the frame between your florescent lamp and the room below.

Globes cover the light bulbs on fixtures that either hang from above or are atop a post. We carry plastic globes only.

A reflector is a mirror-like piece that mounts in a florescent fixture above the lamps. It works to increase the amount of light a fixture provides.

You can order over the phone from 9 AM - 5 PM Eastern time.

Call customer service:

(317) 783 - 0197 (voice)
(888) 776 - 9672 (voice)

(317) 782 - 8577


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